Student Employment and WIL

Facilitator: Sharon Smith

The Student Employment and Work Integrated Learning Special Interest Forum is a forum for interested professionals to discuss current and upcoming challenges, changes, policy and programs regarding international and local students and employment.

As increasing amounts of government funding is tied to the employment outcomes of university graduates, education providers are becoming more engaged in enhancing the programs to upscale and increase opportunities for students to become work ready.  In addition, legislation and policy regarding exploitation, work rights and access to graduate employment have become front of mind to many working in career services and other programs related to employment outcomes for students.

The agenda for this forum will include but wont be limited to discussion about the following topics submitted by participants of the group:

  1. Exploitation and recruitment practices
  2. WIL and international students – impact on visas, courses and employment
  3. WIL as part of a course and WIL outside academic programs – how are these formalised, coordinated and valued?
  4. Offshore and international WIL and employment programs – tips and ideas for success and management.


Other agenda items can be emailed to or please come along and join this informal forum.


  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Appointment of note taker
  3. Confirmation of topics to be discussed and format of session
  4. Discussion
  5. Recommendations for the future (if any)


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